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September: Better #Football

September: Better #Football

How many times have we heard the neighbours scream across the hallway when a football game is on? World Cup madness, millions of fans going crazy over such a simple thing – just a couple of guys pushing around a ball. However this game has evolved so much over the years and its fan base is now around 3,5 billion people!! Thats almost a half of all world citizens..!

Now having that in mind, with a common love for the game that almost all of us share, can you imagine how many great things could we do? Football is not just a great sport but is also a great power in order to achieve something great and aim for better world!

It is time to show how that power is affecting everyone and what has it achieved so far. This is why we decided to show you all a number of people, clubs, foundations, etc. that deserve to be praised for the work they have done in the name of ‘the beautiful game’.

Here is an example of the impact football has on people. It saves them and most importantly – unites them!

Stick around and learn more about this month’s nominees of the Better Awards #Football on our social media and


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