Project Description

Minecraft-gamers are driven online community builders who can spend hours of digging into a virtual landscape to build their own fantasy world. The innovative team behind Clinic Craft milks out the creative potential of these gamers to for a greater good.

In collaboration with Save the Children the guys behind Clinic Craft encourage Minecrafters to help build a clinic for pregnant women in Liberia. Pregnant women who live in a hostile environment and barely have access to basic medical care due to lack of transportation or a proper infrastructure.
Needless to say, access to professional medical care is of great essence to deliver a baby into this world. Unfortunately, in some parts of Liberia this is more of an exception than a rule. Women have to walk for hours and hours to reach a clinic with as result many hazardous roadside births.
How can Minecrafters help?
On the Clinic Craft website you can download the ‘brick-by-brick’ blueprint and start building your own version of a life-saving clinic. Add amenities and let your fantasy take the lead. Share your ‘Clinic Craft’ online with your friends and help spread awareness.
But even more important: support the Clinic Craft campaign with financial donations. You can do that by donating on their website or directly on Save the Children.