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Finally an electric bike that looks better than yours!

Finally an electric bike that looks better than yours!

E-bikes don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to design. The models back in the day resembled more like scooters than actual bicycles.

Leave it to the Netherlands, the most bike-centric country in the world, to bring some sanity and design chops to the category. The new Vanmoof 10 Electrified is everything an e-bike should be. It’s light (42 pounds), reasonably priced and dependable.It has a scratch-resistant aluminum frame, and the integrated LED lights flanking the top tube. Dutch engineers also managed to pack five battery cells in there without bloating the frame–no small feat.

The Electrified is a “pedelec,” meaning the 250-watt motor won’t engage unless the pedals are moving. With the help of a crank-mounted sensor, an on-board computer system calculates the rider’s pedaling output and adjusts the motor output accordingly. The company says its own implementation can seamlessly boost a rider’s own pedaling power by as much as 80 percent. A full charge from empty takes 3 hours, and yields between 19 and 37 miles of power. It even has a GPS tracking chip, controlled by a smart phone app.

Maybe even more important, it doesn’t look like an e-bike. That likely explains the 2014 Red Dot Design Award, the Oscar of the industrial design community.

Source: Wired, Vanmoof 

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