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Better Awards #Education winners

Better Awards #Education winners

We’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who has voted and championed their favourite nominee!

BA_February_CommunityWinnerThe Community Winner Coderise is a very special organization that uses their programming knowledge and skillful talents to help underprivileged kids in Colombia learn the ropes of coding and computer science.

The opportunities given to these kids could mean a world of difference for their future! Whether it’s getting a freelance job, an internship or even starting their own tech start-ups, Coderise offers the skills, tools and connections necessary to realize their full potential.The program is free of cost, weekly transportation and meals are covered.

Go to and support them!

We’d also like to give a big thanks to all of the guest judges! They were handed out points that they could give to their top 3 pick.

BA_February_JudgesWinnerThe Judge’s Winner is School in the Cloud, an NGO run by education innovator Sugata Mitra. Schools as we know it are outdated, the schooling system hasn’t changed over the last 300 years. School in the Cloud is literally a school system in the cloud. Mr. Mitra has planted computers connected to broadband to many places of the world, even to really remote ones. He’s been able to create intellectual adventures for children all over the world (without help from a teacher), driven by a BIG questions and the kids’ ability to work together, lead by a ‘granny’, thus creating Self Organizd Learning Environments anywhere in the world.

Learn more here:


Each judge had his or her personal favourite.

JessieCroppedWe’d like to thank Jessie Duan, co-founder of Girls Teaching Girls To Code. a program where women teach and inspire girls to explore Computer Science and Engineering.

“I chose the Charlie Cart Project because it’s bringing life skills into the classroom. America has a widespread child obesity problem, in part because of our reliance on pre-processed and pre-packaged food. It’s compounded by the lack of fresh food in many parts of the country – “food deserts” where families have no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Schools have the opportunity to provide nutrition education and teach their students eat healthily for the rest of their lives. By providing both equipment and lesson plans, the Charlie Cart Project makes it easy for schools to prepare students for a lifetime of conscious eating decisions. “ – Jessie Duan


JurjenSemeijen_2Also a big thanks to artist and creative director Jurjen Semeijn, founder of I Have Pop, a studio that creates art projects that intersect art and advertising.

“I chose Library for the Homeless: It’s only a small change in attitude, but one that can make an impact on so many people. Opening up existing infrastructure to people who otherwise would not have access to information or knowledge is about the simplest and easiest that can be done. And because of that it has the potential to be done in countless other places in China and across the world.

From all great initiatives I think I like this idea most because it’s simple and direct and doesn’t rely on intermediary organizations or products.” – Jurjen Semeijn

DianaStepnerThank you Diana Stepner, VP Innovation at Pearson, Pearson is the world’s largest learningcompany presented in more than 80 countries, helping people of all ages to fulfill their true potential.

“I chose TwoBitCircus: The statistic goes that 60% of new jobs created in the 21st Century require skills possessed by only 20% of our modern workforce. Another stat is 65% of today’s grade school kids will end up at jobs that haven’t been invented yet. Two Bit Circus is focused on addressing that gap by “reimagining the way we learn and inspiring the next generation of young inventors.”  I have met the team and been involved in the STEAM Carnival.  Through their activities, I truly believe they will reach and excite students to learn, especially around STEAM skills which are critical today and in the future.” Diana Stepner

Foto publicatiesThank you Robert Verboon, founder of Kwasa foundation, a charity that funds individual people in Africa to get proper education and schools to get the right equipment and staff.

“My winner is School in the Cloud: I also believe that the internet is THE way to spread knowledge, especially in developing countries we notice that (there are even digital universities). It makes education cheaper and lowers the threshold to education, which is very promising for the future. In developing countries people have easier access to a laptop with internet than to the most nearby school. A true winner for me!” – Robert Verboon



HansHurenkampAnd finally a major thanks to Hans Hurenkamp managing director at JOBE sports, watersports brand that aims to get as many people on the water as possible.

Hans chose From School Poo to Clean Fuel.

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