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Editor’s Note Better #Drinks

Editor’s Note Better #Drinks

Grabbing a juice from the fridge, putting the kettle on for a cup of tea or running for a cuppa coffee before going to work… we don’t question the availability or the safety of it.

Yet 1 out of 9 people worldwide doesn’t have access to safe drinking water and it’s the #1 global risk based on impact to society.

We’re dedicating this month to drinks. We at the Better Awards believe everyone should have access to safe and clean drinking water, but we also root for drink innovations whether it’d be biodegradable drinking bottles, new ways to capture water, or eco friendly ways to keep your drinks cool.

To give you a taste of the scale of the problem but also how thinking differently could solve the ‘safe drinking’ issue here’s a great TED talk by engineer Michael Pritchard, the inventor of the portable Lifesaver filter.


Find out more about #Drinks this month!


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