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BIG Better Awards: Rain Harvesting Football Pitch

BIG Better Awards: Rain Harvesting Football Pitch

There’s a great shortage of clean drinking water in Africa, it’s the continent where the global water crisis hits the hardest. Pitch Africa, found a social way to harvest water, filter it and simultaneously improve community-building for local areas in Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

PITCHAfrica is a US based social enterprise organization that brings architectural, engineering and planning expertise together to tackle environmental issues facing populations in 2015. They create pitches that can be used as a football arena, a bazar or anything else that brings communities together in Africa. The pitch collects and filters rainwater. The stadium that is designed for 1000-1500 people is joined by four unique, low-cost, rain-harvesting buildings termed ‘Waterbanks’ and because of their capacity to collect and store high volumes of water, it can provide a year-round supply. All together it can collect 1.8 Million liters of clean water per year!



PITCHAfrica is currently working with communities to implement PITCH initiative in Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal. With support from ATOPIA Research, PITCHAfrica has developed smaller community, school and domestic rainwater-harvesting systems to make rainwater viable in any community.

Go to our Facebook website to vote for PITCHAfrica if you think they deserve a €10K worth campaign by the creative team behind the Better Awards.


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