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Better Awards #Health

Better Awards #Health

Health related illnesses or issues is an always-present struggle faced by the people of the world where ever they might be. There are thousands of organisations, projects and products helping to spread awareness and solve the health related matters in the world.

In fact, improving areas like sanitation, water supply, personal hygiene and management of water resources could prevent nearly 10 percent of diseases and 6.3 percent of all deaths around the world.

This is just a couple of the reasons why we decided to devote this month to health issues. 10 great nominees were chosen that in our opinion emphasise on various issues common in different parts of the world and are all innovative and making this world a better place.

To make it more clear what health related issues people are mostly facing, take a look at this video by the World Health Organisation that reflects on the enormous amount of illnesses and health issues that are prevailing in every corner of the world.


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