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Our mission

‘Better Awards’ mission is to curate and spread stories of innovative individuals and initiatives that make the world a better place as much as possible.  Unseen pioneers and unsung heroes deserve to be seen, recognised and supported. Together we can help them change our world.

How it works

Each month 10 world-changing nominees are running for the Better Awards of the month. The winners will be chosen by you! And not only by you but also by our monthly guest judges who influencers in their own field of expertise. All of the monthly winners will be ‘competing’ for the BIG Better Awards in January 2015. The ultimate winner will be granted time and expertise from creative directors, strategists, designers and social media managers that have worked for renowned international brands.

What we believe

If.. everyone on the planet shared a Better Idea daily, the world would be a better place. If… everyone would take action through donating their time, money or space being Better is inevitable.

Who are we?

Better Awards is a daughter entity of creative agency MAKE Amsterdam. MAKE Amsterdam creates ‘brand adventures’ for international world-class brands. We are privileged to do so and love our jobs. As an agency we want to pay it forward and donate a portion of our expertise, time and network to the unsung heroes and unseen pioneers who are warriors in making the world a Better place.


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September Judges

We are proud to reveal our latest round of prolific business, cultural, creative and student judges.
Caroline Receveur

Caroline ReceveurGM DoubleTree Hilton Hotel

  • Business Vote
Caroline is a long time trooper when it comes to managing hotel businesses. DoubleTree is a luxury hotel with a very unique vibe and where everything comes together. Whether it’s for business or leisure break, whether it’s for locals or travelers. There’s something for everyone, anytime, thank to Caroline. She’s an inspirational and beloved leader who develops creative opportunities and has deep sympathy for others. Thank you Caroline for being a Better Awards judge!
Kirsten Barnhoorn

Kirsten BarnhoornFounder & Sustainability Consultant, New Energy Consulting

  • Cultural Vote
Kirsten has worked as sustainability manager for big brands and decided to start her own company New Energy Consulting to inspire and support more companies in Europe to explore, create and realize the opportunities of sustainability on reinforcing brand value and business growth. She passionately  supports companies  to successfully embed sustainability within their brand and provides them with thought leadership to make their efforts visible and valuable.
Catalin Voss

Catalin Voss IIR StartX program, Stanford University & founder/CEO of Sension

  • Student Vote
Catalin is an innovator at heart! He learned himself the basics of mobile software development at the age of 12 and his tutorial’s became the #1 podcast on the German iTunes store when he was just 15.  During his freshman year at Stanford Catalin founded the computer vision startup Sension, he develops software that among others help people with Autism break the barrier of communication with the rest of the world. The expression recognition software for Google Glass recognizes social cues.
Jason Denham

Jason DenhamTHE jeanmaker and founder of Denham

  • Creative Vote
Here in Holland we all know or wear products by Jason Denham THE jeanmaker. He’s more than a great jeans maker though, he’s a brand builder who dares to take bold chances. Jason has a long well respected career in jeans and started his label Denham in 2008 intending to destroy industry convention, make great jeans, and create a company culture that could tell big, meaningful stories about the people and process behind his product. 

Meet All Judges


Lilly Dimling
"What an interesting and interactive social media initiative. We can learn from you."
Vince Gunn
"Delighted to get involved and be a judge."
Dawn Loggins
"Great concept and something I'm happy to be involved in."
Danielle Crook
"Love the Better Awards intent & execution. Very smart. Very inspired. "
Andrew (Andy) McKeon
"Cool Concept, happy to join in!"

October Nominees



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