Better Awards

Our mission

‘Better Awards’ mission is to curate and spread stories of innovative individuals and initiatives that make the world a better place as much as possible.  Unseen pioneers and unsung heroes deserve to be seen, recognised and supported. Together we can help them change our world.

How it works

Each month 10 world-changing nominees are running for the Better Awards of the month. The winners will be chosen by you! And not only by you but also by our monthly guest judges who influencers in their own field of expertise. All of the monthly winners will be ‘competing’ for the BIG Better Awards in January 2015. The ultimate winner will be granted time and expertise from creative directors, strategists, designers and social media managers that have worked for renowned international brands.

What we believe

If.. everyone on the planet shared a Better Idea daily, the world would be a better place. If… everyone would take action through donating their time, money or space being Better is inevitable.

Who are we?

Better Awards is a daughter entity of creative agency MAKE Amsterdam. MAKE Amsterdam creates ‘brand adventures’ for international world-class brands. We are privileged to do so and love our jobs. As an agency we want to pay it forward and donate a portion of our expertise, time and network to the unsung heroes and unseen pioneers who are warriors in making the world a Better place.


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Daily Highlights

Most recent highlights that makes us want to be better. Read more on the Daily Highlights page.
Universal Primary Education – Time to make stock by Robert Verboon February 17, 2015 - Vice President of NGO Kwasa is making stock of the UN Millennium Development Goals in the rural areas of South Africa.
gtgtc2 Jessie Duan empowers women with ‘Girls Teaching Girls To Code’ February 16, 2015 - Coding, computer science, maths, how do these subjects empower women around the world? Jessie Duan explains...
P1010407 Q&A with president of Kwasa – an NGO that contributes to better education in Africa February 11, 2015 - Meet Robert Verboon, president of Kwasa, an NGO that supports local organizations in Africa. One of their focus points is getting people, young and old, an education. Robert and his team of volunteers dedicate a great deal of their lives to help individuals to grow out of poverty, and they do it with passion. Better Awards was curious to find out why many Africans are deprived from education, what the hurdles […]


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Lilly Dimling
"What an interesting and interactive social media initiative. We can learn from you."
Vince Gunn
"Delighted to get involved and be a judge."
Dawn Loggins
"Great concept and something I'm happy to be involved in."
Danielle Crook
"Love the Better Awards intent & execution. Very smart. Very inspired. "
Andrew (Andy) McKeon
"Cool Concept, happy to join in!"

February Judges

We are proud to reveal our latest round of prolific business, cultural, creative and student judges.
Jessie Duan

Jessie DuanMath & Computer Science Student, Stanford


Jessie has a passion in computer science education and got involved into Girls Teaching Girls To Code, a Stanford program where women teach and inspire girls to explore Computer Science and Engineering. Why? Because there’s a huge demand in the job market for technical skills, and women are under represented. Jessie and her team want to leave a positive impact in the community and empower girls with coding skills. Jessie has also used her subliminal skills for an internship at world’s largest open source school Khan Academy.

Robert Verboom

Robert VerboomVP Stichting Kwasa


Robert is a jack of all trades; He has a professional background as consultant, chief operating officer and entrepreneur in the IT business and has even two awards on his name. Beside his day to day job he offers a great deal of his time to his organization Stichting Kwasa. An NGO that funds schools and individual people in South Africa to get properly educated, get medicated for Aids/HIV and get microloans to gain independence. Robert and his team passionately work together with local organizations.

Jurjen Semeijn

Jurjen SemeijnArtist & Founder of 'I Have Pop'

Jurjen is a part time creative director, part time designer and part time artist living in Amsterdam. Besides his commercial work for both local businesses and global brands through his studio named I Have Pop™,  he creates art projects that intersect art and advertising, often strategic and remarkable, but always playful. His activities range from illegally upcycling fences and traffic signs into furniture to generating a digital participatory new museum identity. He doesn’t think that buying organic avocados might save the planet, but believes education will.
Diana Stepner

Diana StepnerVP Innovation at Pearson


Diana is an inspirational and strong team leader who’s focus is to help business units accelerate digital innovation, drives global partnerships with startups, builds relationships with developer communities, including incubators and accelerators, and runs the Pearson Catalyst for Education accelerator program. She thrives on chaos, connects with fringe developments, is a strong public speaker. Diana creates open innovation programs that connect the business with startups and other corporations looking to experiment. 

Hans Hurenkamp

Hans HurenkampManaging director JOBE Sports


Hans is  in charge of Jobe’s mission, vision and strategy. His goal is to get as many people  on the water as possible who can enhance their performance at any level with Jobe products. Jobe produces wet-suits, wakeboards, life jackets and since a couple of years also Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP). SUP boarding is very accessible and is a great exercise and allows people to enjoy our waterways without using an engine. Hans been with the company for 22 years and is very passionate when it comes to attract new people to the water. Spending quality time on the water with friends and family brings you closer to nature and closer to each other.

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