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Our mission

‘Better Awards’ mission is to curate and spread stories of innovative individuals and initiatives that make the world a better place as much as possible.  Unseen pioneers and unsung heroes deserve to be seen, recognised and supported. Together we can help them change our world.

How it works

Each month 10 world-changing nominees are running for the Better Awards of the month. The winners will be chosen by you! And not only by you but also by our monthly guest judges who influencers in their own field of expertise. All of the monthly winners will be ‘competing’ for the BIG Better Awards in January 2015. The ultimate winner will be granted time and expertise from creative directors, strategists, designers and social media managers that have worked for renowned international brands.

What we believe

If.. everyone on the planet shared a Better Idea daily, the world would be a better place. If… everyone would take action through donating their time, money or space being Better is inevitable.

Who are we?

Better Awards is a daughter entity of creative agency MAKE Amsterdam. MAKE Amsterdam creates ‘brand adventures’ for international world-class brands. We are privileged to do so and love our jobs. As an agency we want to pay it forward and donate a portion of our expertise, time and network to the unsung heroes and unseen pioneers who are warriors in making the world a Better place.


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Daily Highlights

Most recent highlights that makes us want to be better. Read more on the Daily Highlights page.
Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 5.19.48 PM Water is…. March 20, 2015 - The importance of water
BA_CoverPhoto_FB_Drinks Editor’s Note Better #Drinks March 18, 2015 - Grabbing a juice from the fridge, putting the kettle on for a cup of tea or running for a cuppa coffee before going to work… we don’t question the availability or the safety of it.
BA_GooglePlus_Cover_2015 Better Awards #Education winners March 11, 2015 - Better Awards Winners of February #Education theme


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Lilly Dimling
"What an interesting and interactive social media initiative. We can learn from you."
Vince Gunn
"Delighted to get involved and be a judge."
Dawn Loggins
"Great concept and something I'm happy to be involved in."
Danielle Crook
"Love the Better Awards intent & execution. Very smart. Very inspired. "
Andrew (Andy) McKeon
"Cool Concept, happy to join in!"

March Judges

We are proud to reveal our latest round of prolific business, cultural, creative and student judges.
Mary Jordan

Mary JordanFounder & Creative Director, Word Above the Street


Mary Jordan is a successful artist, filmmaker, and activist. She’s directed several award winning films that have screened around festivals worldwide. She’s a tireless champion of human rights and made documentaries in Burma, Africa, Indonesia and India and worked with Doctors Without Borders, the Millenium Foundation and more human rights foundations. As the founder of Word Above the Street her mission is to raise awareness about the global water crisis using art and creativity.

Gemma Carter

Gemma CarterUltra Runner & World Record Holder


Gemma Carter is an amazing endurance athlete, and achieved herself an outstanding titel in the Guinnes World Record as the fastest woman to run 50 km on the treadmill. She’s run dozens of ultra marathons but she’s also a certified running coach and personal trainer. Specialised in Sports Psychology and motivational techniques she has a passion to help others reach healthy fitness and sports goals and gives additional coaching on nutritions in central London.

Winners Pick

Water is a based source of life, we cannot live without it. Lack of clean drinking water is a huge problem for a large proportion of the global population. It’s consequences are severe leading to serious illness and often death. The Janicki OmniProcessor in my opinion deserves recognition for creating a safe drinking method based on recycling the resources available to people struggling with this problem giving them an alternative to drinking tainted and toxic water sources. A fantastic product which I hope can be sent out to areas in need.

Dan Germain

Dan GermainGroup Head of Brand & Creative, Innocent Drinks


Dan has been involved with the healthy food and drink company since it started in 1999 and was named designer of the year in the UK in 2014, beating Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive and Sir Paul Smith among others. These days his duties include overseeing the creative direction of the Innocent brand; everything from ads to products to packaging, right across Europe. He also works in areas of culture, sustainability, innovation and ethics, maintaining the brand’s most important values and where it might go in the next 10/20/50 years. Creating the tone of voice and the brand culture from scratch are Dan’s proudest achievements, and he is still searching for ways to keep the business both useful and interesting.

Winners Pick

I chose the Janicki Omniprocessor for a few good reasons. But the main one is that we’re always going to need water and we’re always going to produce feces. If we can make the former out of the latter, it should help extend our time as a species on Earth. This, in my opinion, is a good thing. I also imagine that it wasn’t the most pleasant project to work on, so I can only applaud the hardy engineers who made it happen.


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