Better Awards

Our mission

‘Better Awards’ mission is to curate and spread stories of innovative individuals and initiatives that make the world a better place as much as possible.  Unseen pioneers and unsung heroes deserve to be seen, recognised and supported. Together we can help them change our world.

How it works

Each month 10 world-changing nominees are running for the Better Awards of the month. The winners will be chosen by you! And not only by you but also by our monthly guest judges who influencers in their own field of expertise. All of the monthly winners will be ‘competing’ for the BIG Better Awards in January 2015. The ultimate winner will be granted time and expertise from creative directors, strategists, designers and social media managers that have worked for renowned international brands.

What we believe

If.. everyone on the planet shared a Better Idea daily, the world would be a better place. If… everyone would take action through donating their time, money or space being Better is inevitable.

Who are we?

Better Awards is a daughter entity of creative agency MAKE Amsterdam. MAKE Amsterdam creates ‘brand adventures’ for international world-class brands. We are privileged to do so and love our jobs. As an agency we want to pay it forward and donate a portion of our expertise, time and network to the unsung heroes and unseen pioneers who are warriors in making the world a Better place.


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Neel Shah
"Love what you guys are doing and best of luck."
Michele Cox
"You recognise the unnoticed work that contributes to positive change through individuals and communities & try to counteract the many issues we presently face across the world."
Lilly Dimling
"What an interesting and interactive social media initiative. We can learn from you."
Vince Gunn
"Delighted to get involved and be a judge."
Dawn Loggins
"Great concept and something I'm happy to be involved in."
Danielle Crook
"Love the Better Awards intent & execution. Very smart. Very inspired. "
Andrew (Andy) McKeon
"Cool Concept, happy to join in!"

November Judges

We are proud to reveal our latest round of prolific business, cultural, creative and student judges.
Andy Elwell

Andy ElwellVice President and Global Sales & Marketing at Inrada Group


An entrepreneurial executive with 22+ years of experience managing service and manufacturing operations, business development and sales in a global environment. Key strengths are the ability to gain the trust and respect of all, in turn building high performance teams in multiple countries to deliver strategies from concept to execution. Ability to create a safe and healthy work environment as well as creating a continuously learning organization through lean engineering principles and processes. International experience comes from having worked in a global environment with multi-site responsibilities in a wide spread of countries, America’s and EMEA.

Haim Samuels

Haim SamuelsPolitical Scientist and Filmmaker


As a political scientist, filmmaker, and creative professional with over 15 years of experience shooting, directing, and producing films for universities, organizations, major corporations, and award winning documentaries, Haim combines a wealth of knowledge and experience in social science, marketing and media production. His filmmaking has given him the privilege to work on stories for causes and brands that are defining the times we live in.

Marco Magrini

Marco MagriniItalian Journalist


Marco is an Italian journalist. He mostly writes about science and innovation, energy and sustainability. He has been covering the United Nations conferences on climate change for more than 10 years and will attend the upcoming Paris summit. After 24 years spent as a senior correspondent with “il Sole 24 Ore”, Italy’s major financial daily, he is now freelancing. He was the founder of Nòva, the science and technology supplement of “il Sole 24 Ore”. For the same publishing house, in 1999 he wrote “Digital Wealth”, a book where he predicted the appearance of what is now known as high-frequency trading.

David Bonney

David BonneyFounder of ATHEIST Shoes


The founder of ATHEIST Shoes, the minimalist shoe brand, dedicated to promoting openness and connection amongst non-believers. David began his career as a psychologist, before working as an advertising strategist, with some of the world’s most famous brands, e.g. Budweiser, Marmite. In 2008, David was one of the first recipients of the IPA Excellence Diploma; the “MBA of Brands” and his diploma thesis predicted the rise of brands putting values before value. The founding of purpose-led ATHEIST, in 2011, was David’s attempt to put his branding where his mouth is.




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