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Our mission

‘Better Awards’ mission is to curate and spread stories of innovative individuals and initiatives that make the world a better place as much as possible.  Unseen pioneers and unsung heroes deserve to be seen, recognised and supported. Together we can help them change our world.

How it works

Each month 10 world-changing nominees are running for the Better Awards of the month. The winners will be chosen by you! And not only by you but also by our monthly guest judges who influencers in their own field of expertise. All of the monthly winners will be ‘competing’ for the BIG Better Awards in January 2015. The ultimate winner will be granted time and expertise from creative directors, strategists, designers and social media managers that have worked for renowned international brands.

What we believe

If.. everyone on the planet shared a Better Idea daily, the world would be a better place. If… everyone would take action through donating their time, money or space being Better is inevitable.

Who are we?

Better Awards is a daughter entity of creative agency MAKE Amsterdam. MAKE Amsterdam creates ‘brand adventures’ for international world-class brands. We are privileged to do so and love our jobs. As an agency we want to pay it forward and donate a portion of our expertise, time and network to the unsung heroes and unseen pioneers who are warriors in making the world a Better place.


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September Judges

We are proud to reveal our latest round of prolific business, cultural, creative and student judges.
Samantha Yarwood

Samantha YarwoodMD Starbucks EMEA

  • Business Vote
Samantha Yarwood is a marketing rockstar who knows how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. She has been part of the Starbucks organization for over 10 years, in International roles supporting the local and regional big-picture strategy. With her uplifting sprit she creates love around the brand and uniqueness in all communication channels. Samantha is passionate, customer-obsessed and sees all of the Starbucks ‘employees’ as partners.
Awards Choice
Behind The Signs

Everybody has a story..

And after all, aren’t we all the same – we think, we love, we hurt, we need food, we need shelter, and we all bleed. I’ve often thought, we are potentially one step away from being homeless. What if we hit hard times and didn’t have family or friends to look after us, or didn’t have the mental capacity to understand our plight and how to integrate into society. I often wonder when I see someone is homeless – what is their story, how did they get there? If they had the family and friends like I did, would this still have happened? I love this idea, as it tells some stories of the most interesting people you will meet. It gives people a face and a voice that are often overlooked, while educating and investing in programs to change lives. All through the power of storytelling and ultimately brining people closer together. We all long to have a senses of meaning, and this program creates that. Love this!

Nadia Boegli

Nadia BoegliCo-founder and PR and MD of The Changer

  • Cultural Vote
Young pretty and passionate. As the co-founder of The Changer, Nadia helps other people’s careers to make a social impact. The Changer ) is a community of people who are committed to making the world a better place. No matter your level of engagement or experience –  The Changer aims to craete a space for you to obtain and share information you need to maximize your social impact
Awards Choice
Prison Yoga Project

People who end up in jail, often remain being punished by other prisoners, their complete isolation and their inability to cope with their own psychological traumas etc. Giving them an opportunity to strengthen their body and mind though yoga and other projects could be helpful in creating the first steps for reintegration into society, hopefully as a better and not worse person.

Amber Cowburn

Amber CowburnStudent at Cambridge University

  • Student Vote
Amber is an ambitious student in her third year for a BA in politics & sociology AND is also an unwavering mental-health advocate at the University. After the unimaginable loss of her brother who suffered from mental-health issues, Amber co-founded The Invictus Trust ( ), a charity that supports teenagers with mental-health issues. To date she’s raised over 50K pounds, organized the largest mental-health conference ever hosted at Cambridge and gained national support.
Awards Choice
Sign Language Restaurant

The ‘Signs’ restaurant project in Toronto has really stood out to me, which is no easy task from a list of such varied and amazing ventures in the nominations for the better awards. I think a restaurant is a great non-threatening space where deaf people can experience a career they might well have been exempt from otherwise, and it gives hearing people the chance to meet and interact with deaf people in a sociable and novel way. When integration and being educated is enjoyable and social, it will ultimately be much more successful. I would definitely head to Signs for a meal, and think it presents a fascinating dining opportunity that stands out from the normal restaurant experience!

Gijs de Kogel

Gijs de KogelMD Oilily

  • Guest Vote
Gijs de Kogel is the marketing director for fashion brand Oilily ( ). A household name to all Dutchies, mostly known as a high-standard kid’s fashion brand with colorful and happy prints. Although Gijs has been related to Oilily for many years, as the MD he’s been like a gush of fresh air with great insights and his passion for fashion. He’s been turning a well-known brand upside down yet with the idea of limitless possibilities; Gijs is going big with his small authentic dedicated team.
Awards Choice
Grannies Finest

There are 7 billion people living on this planet, of which 750 million people are over 60 years. That’s roughly 11% of the world population. By the time we have reached the year 2050 no less than 2 billion people will be older than 60 years. That’s about 22% of the world population. This means a significant increase of people with a great deal of time on their hands not knowing what to do with it.

The founders of fashion brand ‘Granny’s Finest’ came up with a great idea for 65+ pensioners that still want to contribute to society and have a passion for knitting. By asking them to knit the designs of trendy, young fashion designers, you get the best of both worlds: trendy designs that are hand-made. And the money that is generated by selling these fine products, is spent on events for the elderly. A great way to repay the generations that paved the way for us. That’s why my vote goes to ‘Granny’s Finest’.

Meet All Judges


Lilly Dimling
"What an interesting and interactive social media initiative. We can learn from you."
Vince Gunn
"Delighted to get involved and be a judge."
Dawn Loggins
"Great concept and something I'm happy to be involved in."
Danielle Crook
"Love the Better Awards intent & execution. Very smart. Very inspired. "
Andrew (Andy) McKeon
"Cool Concept, happy to join in!"

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